Our Solution to Smoke Evacuation

The harmful and hazardous effects of surgical smoke are an increasingly high concern. We believe the solution requires more than just a good product. The complete package includes education, training and support in a product that theatre staff believe in.


The PenEvac

Slimline Telescopic and Non-Telescopic smoke hand pieces that come with a quality PTFE coated tip as standard.


The Crystal Vision

Known for its long life span, The Crystal Vision is the world's most advanced surgical smoke collection and evacuation device.

The Crystal Vision features a brushless motor. This results in a quieter and much more reliable smoke evacuation machine. It also creates a suction pressure up to five times greater than other smoke evacuation devices.



The 360D Crystal Vision is the only smoke evacuation device with an option for Laparoscopic Mode.

All Crystal Vision machines utilise an ULPA (Ultra Low Penetration Air) Filter, which contains a fluid trap to ensure that the filter last for as long as possible.