Energyss  - The new line of electrosurgical generators from IG Surgical

Energyss electrosurgical generators are a new range of machines that offer power, reliability and superior design. From the 400P model that includes the Enerseal vessel sealing mode to the 200 model designed for smaller theatres, they all come with a user friendly touch screen interface that allows for quick and easy navigation.


Energyss 200

Designed for smaller theatres or theatres that are performing day surgery procedures, the Energyys 200 is a perfect machine. With 200 Watts of power on Cut modes, 80 Watts on Coag modes and 50 Watts on Bipolar, you can have both performance and peace of mind at an affordable price.

Energyss 400

The Energyys 400 is a very powerful all-round generator. It is an extremely reliable and capable machine. 400 Watts provides the power to consistently perform in all situations.


Energyss 400P

The Energyss 400P is the most advanced Energyss machine. In addition to all the power and functionality of the regular 400 machine, the 400P also includes two monopolar channels allowing two active electrodes to be used at the same time. As well as this the 400P comes with Advanced Energy settings for vessel sealing functionality.